Monday, November 17, 2008


Do I miss Mallarm√©? Sure. Does that mean I need to bring him into everything I design? No. Do I see the value (and joy) in beginning the design of a garden, and then an urban park, with a reinterpretation of Finnegan’s Wake (and did I pour over it when I first encountered it)? Sure. Would I reveal that source after the initial design had been tested and adjusted for very specific and real inhabitation? Probably not. Does this mean that I have gained a stronger understanding of realistic spatial implications or just become more jaded? Are we ever doing more than reinterpreting our points of inspiration, tainting them with architecture and mixing them with our knowledge of precedence? Does this mean that we should avoid inspiration that comes from sources outside of the discipline? Why am I getting depressed?

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damir said...

Alvar Aalto used to say to a student who was designing a window, “well, make that window as though your lover was sitting in it.” For some time now I think my first architectural project I have ever designed, is my favorite and best work. I knew nothing about architecture, no history, no precedence, just pure ignorance. I wonder constantly, whether I’m getting in my own way, stalling my run mid thought. I’m not sure how helpful or useful any of the things I’ve officially studied prior to designing space. I’m not saying that a four year old could be a space designer, but I am stating that being at a bar, studying people, and “keeping my eyes open” would. Is that depressing? I don’t know.