Wednesday, October 22, 2008


avi said...
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damir said...


Rewrite your statement before your review and hand it out when you
begin on thurs.
Be prepared to discuss ways of working, begin a new mapping or
contextual example and talk about it on thurs.
Do not wait for anything, anyone... all roads, works, readings,
dinners, showers, ect. are and al(l)ways have been opportunities.

You are your own hypocrisy, from the socks in your designer shoes to
your 'fashionable' hair cut... call yourself out. There is a drawing
where millions of people and ancient cultures are too bearing the
weight of your life(style). The information age bears witness to the
stock markets impressionability...
trace the footprint of the footprint of your footprint which is
cushioned by slave labor
that built insoles
into souls
in two soles
bearing infinite souls.

Interesting that you could stand next to your DP board and it could
reference you and all of the material (clothing, ect.) that masks you
in the space... you are the multi-sectional plan of your drawing...
overlay another drawing on your drawing that changes but references
the scale(s).

"Fuck you and the cliche you rode in on, now go get rewritten"- typical cats.

heres to becoming your work, the final step to beginning work.

avi said...

Damir....I love your haircut