Sunday, October 19, 2008

The occupants are on the lowest level of the order; they receive what has been given, yet bear all the weight of every construct above. Argued as built upon love by blind architects in a commercial era, seems only to add the obese weight of a few to many. This empty second world, dominated by the consequential cold luxury of its architecture, expresses the void of its occupants. The second world sees capital forever expanding, globalizing and creating an environment of trophies for the few.

This world is in search of a crisis to base its revolution and reform. Cracks have appeared in the foundation of its base. Fractures will follow. A transformation in society and in politics and in economy through architecture is its future.

The interest lies in the design of a podium for a new society that could inform itself through its environment. Rather then each authority building a podium around its self or its ideology, the podium is ever changing due to its many builders. Government is thought of as a database in the wake of intercommunication of its occupants. Initially the fractures open opportunities for insurgent architecture. Creating a setting for the collapse of its walls. The will to change the condition of existence is its start. The result is brutal architectural honesty.

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