Saturday, November 1, 2008

my intro to a blog about earthquakes.

Lebbeus, Ben, and many others over time have brought up the issue of abstraction vs. representation. The painter who produced these, Richard Diebenkorn, spent his whole artist life struggling over these two ideas. Is it possible to say which of these are representational and which are abstract?
At a glance, some may easily fall into a category, but I would argue that Diebekorn is a clear example of the blured boudries and dissatisfying definitions that become evident when we try and put a finger on what is real, and what is non-real. Or what is objective verses what is subjective.
Architectural honesty is a difficult term handle because it implies that one form of architecture is more honest, or more real, than another. But how is that decided?
How do we decide that an architecture that is in some way egalitarian is more honest than one rooted in capitalistic intentions?

ps. hello Avi. You should try and find Diebenkorn in LA.

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avi said...

Hey casey,
Great to hear from you...I couldn't agree more the title of this blog sucks, we need to change it about:

(then some subtitle about being a forum dedicated to discussing conceptions for a new architectural epoch)

or something...

Nationalize this here blog chelsea.

I'd love to go see this painter. You should come here and we'll look for him.